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Interactive Zscaler Whiteboard Workshop

Security and network transformation, illustrated

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You’ve probably heard a lot of talk about zero trust.


But do you know why it matters, what it means for your organization, and how to start? Join Zscaler Chief Technology Evangelist Brian Deitch in a live session where he’ll answer these questions—and any others you bring to the session—in an interactive whiteboard discussion.


Through clear visuals, he’ll help you understand how castle-and-moat and hub-and-spoke architectures leave your organization more susceptible to cyberattacks, data loss, and poor user experience. He’ll also demonstrate what makes zero trust fundamentally different and how it helps you address these challenges while reducing IT costs and complexity.


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Technology leaders, architects (enterprise, network, and security), infrastructure engineers
60 minutes—11 AM PT | 2 PM ET
Seating capacity

Why attend?

Get up close with a clear visual representation of SSE and zero trust
Bring your toughest questions to Q&A with an industry expert
Stick to the facts with a technical workshop—not marketecture

Meet the speaker

Brian Deitch, Chief Technology Evangelist

With more than 20 years of technology industry experience, Brian is a seasoned speaker and sought-after thought leader in cloud security, zero trust, and SASE/SSE. He’s particularly interested in the intersection of security and the cloud, and he advocates for the use of zero trust security models and SASE/SSE to design and implement digital, network, and application transformation.


Brian is passionate about helping organizations adopt secure, reliable, and scalable cloud-based solutions. He’s dedicated to helping make the internet safer for everyone.