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Reduce IT Cost and Complexity with Zero Trust

Leverage the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™ for superior security and economic value.


Perimeter-based security is increasing your costs

Economic uncertainty is shrinking IT teams and their budgets. As they try to do more with fewer resources, perimeter-based architectures work against them, increasing expenses through:

  • Infrastructure costs and large upfront capital expenditures
  • Complex deployments and ongoing management due to disjointed point products
  • Delayed time-to-value during mergers and acquisitions due to the complexity of integration
  • Data breaches that lead to downtime, regulatory fines, and customer churn
  • Loss of productivity from backhauling traffic and poor user experiences
  • An expanding carbon footprint that consumes massive amounts of energy
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Zscaler delivers holistic, cost-effective enterprise security

The cloud native Zero Trust Exchange delivers greater economic value than perimeter-based, bespoke security solutions. As the One True Zero Trust Platform, it helps you overcome the costly challenges of yesterday's architectures to:

Optimize technology costs
Cut costs by eliminating VPNs, public cloud transit usage, and bespoke networking architectures.
Increase operational efficiency
Eliminate point products and simplify the deployment and management of network security.
Accelerate M&A time-to-value
Streamline the onboarding of users and apps, and minimize the risk of managing separate infrastructures.
Improve security posture
Minimize your attack surface, reduce the risk of compromise, stop lateral threat movement, and prevent data loss.
Enhance user productivity
Provide a more productive user experience by eliminating backhauling and optimizing direct connections.
Reduce carbon footprint
Decrease power consumption through a multitenant cloud platform fueled by 100% renewable energy.


reduction in appliances
FTE time freed up
in recovered productivity
less ransomware
faster M&A time-to-value
better power usage effectiveness
Learn more in the full economic validation study by ESG
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Manufacturing / 12 locations in 7 countries

“[Zscaler] significantly reduced administrative overhead and saved us approximately 70% on hardware, updates, and licensing costs versus our VPN system.”

- Steffen Erler, Dir., IT Security and Network Services, Baker & Baker

Transportation Services / 5000+ employees / 14 countries

"[Zscaler helps us] improve business agility, productivity, and experiences while lowering networking costs approximately 55% and mitigating risk.”

- Peeyush Patel, CIO and CISO, Careem

Federal and Government / Serves 700,000+ individuals

“We’ve improved user experiences up to 70% ... reduced complexity over 90% ... lowered management overhead 30% and are saving $200,000 annually with the Zero Trust Exchange.”

- John Pratezina, Sr. Network Operations Administrator, CSC

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