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Security policies follow users on and off the network to close gaps in your protection

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Stopping data loss has become harder than ever

Today, external and internal threats to data are at an all-time high, but cloud apps and remote work have pushed data beyond the reach of on-premises tools like legacy data loss prevention (DLP). And with 95% of web traffic now encrypted, most data leaks are hidden in traffic that appliances can’t scale to inspect.

Data breaches can compromise your reputation and intellectual property as well as lead to regulatory compliance issues, loss of customers, and fines. But trying to stop them with disjointed network, endpoint, and cloud DLP solutions—not to mention separate CASBs and SWGs—makes security more complex, expensive, and difficult to manage.

You need a unified DLP strategy to protect sensitive information against the full breadth of modern cyberattacks, from phishing and ransomware to insider threats and advanced data exfiltration.

Stopping data loss has become harder than ever

Close your cloud data protection gaps with Zscaler

Protect sensitive data

Quickly find and secure personally identifiable information (PII), health and financial data, and other confidential data across all cloud channels and users. Meet compliance requirements (e.g., HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR) and improve protection with advanced classification and ML-based image recognition.

Illuminate blind spots

Zscaler Cloud DLP policy follows your users both on and off the network, always protecting you against the risk of data leakage. With full SSL inspection and innovative ML-driven data discovery, you get the protection and visbility you've  been missing.

Simplify data protection

Zscaler Cloud DLP is part of a complete security service edge (SSE) offering, along with CASB, SWG, and much more. Having one integrated data security platform with a single-pass architecture simplifies your IT ecosystem, making life easier for your security team and administrators.

Why Zscaler Cloud DLP for data protection?

Zscaler is a cloud-native, high-performance platform that inspects all internet and SSL traffic, secures endpoint data, and provides users with fast, consistent security regardless of their locations.

Cloud DLP, along with Endpoint DLP, is part of a complete security stack as a service, fulfilling the demands of SSE while eliminating the costs and complexity of disjointed point products 

In other words, Zscaler Cloud DLP delivers:

  • Identical protection on and off the network
  • Inline and endpoint enforcement for real-time protection
  • Full TLS/SSL inspection of all traffic
  • A fully integrated security service edge
Stopping data loss has become harder than ever

Ready for better data protection?

In the work-from-anywhere world, effective information security requires a unified solution designed for distributed data and cloud scale. Discover a better way to secure all your data—wherever it goes.

Improve detection accuracy with exact data match (EDM)

Improve detection accuracy with exact data match (EDM)

With Zscaler EDM, you can easily find and control any occurrence of specific data. From employee records to customers’ personal data and credit card numbers, EDM lets you fingerprint sensitive data and improve detection accuracy while reducing DLP false positives.

Protect sensitive documents with indexed document matching (IDM)

With Zscaler IDM, you can secure high-value documents that typically carry sensitive data. Fingerprint tax, medical, manufacturing, or other important forms and detect documents that use those templates across all your cloud data channels.

Protect sensitive documents with indexed document matching (IDM)
Protect data in image files with optical character recognition (OCR)

Protect data in image files with optical character recognition (OCR)

Data doesn’t only appear in plain text—so you need DLP that secures visual data as well. Zscaler OCR scans images to perform data classification for files like PNGs and JPEGs, and for images embedded in other file types (e.g., Microsoft Word documents). It even works in tandem with EDM and IDM functions.

Is your DLP tool missing data loss?

Find out with Zscaler Security Preview.

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