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Enable safe SaaS usage with integrated CASB

Protect your data and ensure compliance across SaaS applications

SaaS is designed to share data

SaaS applications are popular precisely because of the collaboration and sharing they enable. But the downside of this sharing is that it can present risks. It is impossible to train every employee to use safety best practices with SaaS applications at all times, and that can lead to costly mistakes for the organization.

The SaaS challenge

SaaS challenges - Accidental Data Exposure

Accidental Data Exposure

Because SaaS applications are built for sharing, it’s common for users to inadvertently share critical business data without knowing it.

SaaS challenges - Malicious Intent

Malicious Intent

SaaS applications can be a conduit for data theft, data exposure, or malware propagation if left unchecked.

SaaS challenges - Compliance Violations

Compliance Violations

SaaS usage is spread across applications and groups making unified assurance very difficult to impossible.

Zscaler Cloud Access Security Broker

Prevent data exposure and ensure compliance across SaaS and public clouds

Zscaler CASB enables organizations to securely adopt and govern the use of SaaS applications, IaaS offerings, and PaaS. It provides real-time visibility and controls access and user activity across sanctioned and unsanctioned applications. The fully integrated platform eliminates overlay architectures and simplifies policy creation and administration, ensuring data is protected and compliance is maintained.

Inline Data Protection (Data in Motion)
Inline Data Protection (Data in Motion)

Zscaler CASB inline capabilities eliminate overlay architectures and proxy-chaining, which often break SWG implementations. The platform eliminates redundancies, as traffic has to be forwarded, decrypted, and inspected just once for policy to be applied on a per-user basis.

Out-of-Band Data Protection (Data at Rest)
Out-of-Band Data Protection (Data at Rest)

Zscaler CASB out-of-band capabilities use API integrations to look inside SaaS applications and IaaS offerings, such as AWS S3, to identify sensitive or exposed data as well as compliance violations that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Zscaler Cloud Access Security Broker prevents data exposure and ensure compliance across SaaS applications

What can Zscaler CASB do for you?

Zscaler CASB Provides - Complete Data Protection

Complete Data Protection

Data protection policies apply across SaaS applications to prevent employees from accidentally sharing sensitive data and stop internal threats such as the stealing of intellectual property.

Zscaler CASB provides Unified Compliance

Unified Compliance

A single offering that provides visibility into compliance and mitigates violations across SaaS applications and cloud service providers, while ensuring adherence to laws and industry regulations.

Automated Risk Reduction with Zscaler CASB

Automated Risk Reduction

Ensures that configurations of SaaS and apps deployed in the cloud follow industry and organizational best practices, with automated remediation that prevents vulnerability to outside threats.

See Zscaler CASB in action

Inline Data Protection Demo

See how Zscaler inline CASB controls cloud apps, finds shadow IT, and restores data compliance.

Out-of-Band Data Protection Demo

See how Zscaler out-of-band CASB prevents SaaS & Office 365 data exposure and identifies compliance violations.

Amazon S3 Security Demo

See how Zscaler delivers the granular data and threat protection that you need for Amazon S3.

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What makes our CASB unique?

Automated data classification and protection

Automated data classification and protection

Zscaler data protection automatically identifies sensitive information in the cloud to secure SaaS, such as Microsoft 365, and IaaS offerings, including AWS S3.

Threat identification and remediation

Threat identification and remediation

Zscaler CASB checks SaaS applications for hidden threats being exchanged and prevents their propagation.

Compliance and configuration assurance

Compliance and configuration assurance

Zscaler CASB checks SaaS and public cloud configurations against industry benchmarks and compliance frameworks to report on violations and automate remediation.

Part of a larger data protection platform

Part of a larger data protection platform

The Zscaler Cloud Security Platform provides unified data protection with DLP and CASB capabilities for internet, data center, and SaaS applications, and ensures that public cloud applications are configured to prevent data exposure and maintain compliance.

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