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The Power of Zscaler Intelligence: Generative AI and Holistic View of Risk

junio 29, 2023 - 5 Min de lectura

Zenith Live ‘23 was a resounding success as we brought together a host of experts, industry analysts, and customers to learn, explore and exchange ideas on cybersecurity technology innovation and transformation. Each year, Zscaler announces several industry-changing innovations at this event, and this year was no different. One thing that captured the attention of attendees, however, was generative AI— and for all the right reasons.

Your partner in the AI transformation journey

At Zscaler, we believe Generative AI as a technology is fundamentally transformational, but delivering impactful AI-powered outcomes requires large volumes of diverse, high-quality data and a sophisticated AI engine to precisely train AI models. Zscaler’s AI advantage is a result of 15 years of expertise and leadership in developing and operating the world’s largest cloud security platform, which processes more than 300 billion daily transactions from users, IoT/OT devices, workloads, and business-to-business communications. The scale of Zscaler’s platform combined with our unique large language models (LLMs) differentiates our AI solutions in the industry. Just as we are helping organizations navigate through security and network transformation, Zscaler is committed to helping customers safely embrace Generative AI and accelerate their AI transformation journey. To that end, we made several notable announcements at Zenith Live ‘23—ranging from advancements in current products that customers love and use every day, to industry-defining new innovations that are coming down the pike.



Generative AI is transformational


Embracing AI transformation securely 

Several Zscaler products today leverage the benefits of AI and ML to recommend security policies, segment users and applications, classify data, and identify risks accurately. Recently, we have delivered additional capabilities to give customers more power over access control and protecting sensitive data to ultimately enable them to embrace generative AI more securely.

  1. Data protection for AI: Zscaler Data Loss Prevention (DLP) prevents potential data leakage and enables organizations to record and retain content, including prompts to generative AI queries and outputs of publicly available LLMs and AI applications, for security and audit purposes in their own environments. 
  2. AITotalTM : a comprehensive grouping and risk classification for an exploding number of AI applications, for security and audit purposes in their own environment. 
  3. AI visibility and access control:  A new URL category and cloud application specifically tailored for monitoring AI application usage. This innovative solution offers the versatility to establish a variety of disparate policies for different user sets and groups, granting organizations precise control over access to AI applications. By implementing cloud-based remote browser isolation, Zscaler provides an additional layer of security while restricting potentially hazardous actions, such as uploads, downloads, and cut-and-paste functions, when accessing AI applications.

More details about how Zscaler is making it safer for customers to embrace Generative AI tools are covered in this blog by Dhawal Sharma - SVP, Product Management at Zscaler.



Patrick Foxhoven talking about Zscaler’s leadership in AI at Zenith Live ‘23, Las Vegas


Ground-breaking Generative AI security innovations for the next generation of threats

Zscaler is embracing generative AI and using it to develop several industry-leading innovations that were improbable (at least not with precision) even a few years ago. We previewed some of these at Zenith Live ‘23 and will share more soon.

  • Security Autopilot™ with breach prediction: A proactive approach to securing data by enabling AI engines to continuously learn from changing cloud-based policies and logs. Between accurately recommending policies and performing impact analysis effectively,  Security Autopilot simplifies security operations while preventing breaches. This is currently piloted by ThreatLabz, Zscaler’s advanced threat research and incident response team.
  • Zscaler Navigator™: A simplified and unified natural language interface to enable customers to interact with Zscaler products and access relevant documentation details using a seamless, secure, and user-friendly approach.
  • Multi-Modal DLP:  Zscaler’s revolutionary approach to DLP will operate by integrating generative AI and multi-modal capabilities into its already capable DLP offerings to protect customers’ data from leakage across various media formats beyond text and images, such as video and audio formats. 


Introducing Zscaler Risk360TM: Holistic view of risk for organizations

Zscaler is deeply rooted in solving some of the most complex security challenges for our customers. One thing that comes up in our conversations with CISOs across the globe is the need for them to have a near real-time view into the organizations’ holistic risk. The ever-increasing frequency of cyberattacks and external pressure from regulatory bodies, such as the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), has made cyber risk quantification and reporting a board-level conversation. However, legacy solutions tend to be manual, static, and difficult to use. Leaning again on the strength of Zscaler intelligence coming from our Zero Trust Exchange and our commitment to solving the most complex security challenges for customers in an elegant fashion, we announced the limited availability of Zscaler Risk360 at Zenith Live ‘23. 

Zscaler Risk360 is a powerful risk quantification and visualization framework for remediating cybersecurity risk. It ingests data from external sources and your own Zscaler environment to curate a detailed profile of your risk posture across all four stages of a cyberattack - external attack surface, compromise, lateral propagation, and data loss - and all the entities in your environment, including assets, applications, workforce, and third parties.



Zscaler Risk Dashboard

Zscaler Risk360 gives security practitioners the ability to intuitively visualize holistic risk in real time and to use data-driven recommendations to take prioritized action to prevent breaches. CISOs can lean on Zscaler Risk360 to quickly understand the top risk drivers for the organization,  make business decisions intelligently, and communicate simply and broadly to the executive team. Zscaler Risk360 is a game changer for security and risk professionals. You can read more in this blog by Raj Krishna - SVP of Product Management and Kanishka Pandit, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Zscaler, or request a demo on our website here

I hope many of you joined us at Zenith Live ‘23 in Las Vegas or Berlin where we celebrated innovation, collaboration, and joint success with customers and partners. If you missed it, you can still watch the recording here.

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